In Estonia Ott Lepland has won everything that could be won: Estonian Idol in 2009; the lead role in High School Musical in 2010; the show Laulupealinn (Singing Capital) in 2011, where he represented his family’s hometown of Kärdla; and Eesti Laul, the Estonian round of the Eurovision Song Contest, in 2012 with a song he wrote himself.

He has always beaten the competition by an impressive margin. In the final of Eesti Laul, for example, he received 67% of the votes.

Ott was already well known in Estonia when he was still a child. He released four albums of children’s songs and performed in the theatre, but left the limelight when he became a teenager and focussed on his studies of music. The result is here: he is one of the most respected vocalists in Estonia, an excellent pianist, and the author of some of the biggest radio hits of recent years.

Ott’s strengths are his powerful voice and down-to-earth demeanour. He is not a show-off, but a true and serious artist. He may be a little reserved, but it is this trait that makes people take him seriously and gives him the charm that has brought him the love of his audiences. Yes, that’s what a true Estonian man is like! Get ready, Eurovision – here he comes!

Ott was born on 17 May 1987 in Tallinn. He has released three (2010, 2011, 2012) albums that were aimed at the Estonian market and contained many songs he had written himself.

Ott himself has said: “I feel that I’ve been lucky. I believe that the reason why I’ve been so successful is that I’ve done my own thing and remained true to myself.”




Liis Lemsalu is a young singer-songwriter from Estonia who manages to allure her audience with her positive vibe, openness and looks in the blink of an eye the moment she steps in the spotlight. Although only 24 years old she has already been on stage as a solo-artist for 6 years collecting experience and trying different genres like pop, r’n’b & funk to find her true self.

Liis’s first contact with music was in Norway when she recorded an album of Norwegian children's songs. Songstress’s lead-singer journey got a superfast start in 2011 when she won the Estonian Idol title and got a record deal with Universal Music. Since then she's released two albums in collaboration with acknowledged artists from Estonia, Finland, Sweden and USA, both of which have produced numerous singles where Lemsalu is the co-producer and co-author both in music and lyrics, in English and Estonian. The most successful of them, "Sinu ees", was nominated for the best song of 2016 and leaded all possible Estonian charts in 2016. As the many time finalist of Eesti Laul (the Estonian Eurovision) and by being one of the most loved female artists in Estonia, she has been part of numerous TV-shows and big productions.

This spring all about NEW LIIS: NEW music (single „Sinuga koos“ to be released 30.3.2017) performed by a NEW band giving you a totally NEW sound. She has stepped it up!

Liis Lemsalu is a versatile artist who can make your night with her band, her show or in a duo or a trio.


Revals is a 7-membered group from Tallinn, Estonia. Their music is an exciting mixture of American roots music – country, blues, folk and rock music. Their album "Jumal elab pealinnas", which was released in 2017 is sold out. Their next album "Kirjad ääremaalt" came out a year after and was followed by a national tour. Revals singles can be found from the leaderboards of different Estonian radio stations. Their music is about what is really happening in people's lives. Their message is often critical, sharp and even painful. That is why Revals are proud of their sold out concerts.

They stand out from other groups with their powerful vocals, polyphony and the usage of not very classical rock music instruments, such as the violin, banjo, mandolin and dobro. For this year's Augustibluus festival, Revals have put together a special programme only for that one special evening. It is a musical journey, that takes us through Estonian blues, country and folk classics in a new form. They also perform new material from their third, upcoming album. This time the 7-membered band will grow even more, since they join forces with guest musicians.

Rait Sohkin – vocals, guitar
Freddy Tomingas – vocals, guitar
Merlin Purge – vocals, bandjo
Liis-Marii Vendt – violin, percussion, vocals
Martin Saaremägi – guitar, vocals
Danel Pandre – bass guitar, vocals
Jaanus Salm – drums, vocals


RAINER ILD is an alternative duo who stands out with their humorous musicvideos, unique vocal effects and songwriting. On stage they swap between instruments because......cmoon, there is only two of them. Their good friendship shines through their music and makes their concerts powerful and moving. Singer has been called "The most powerful Estonian ginger-songwriter" by the host of "Eesti Top 7" . Band is also the winner of the biggest youth band competition in Estonia "Noortebänd 2017".